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Let’s get this party started – Artwalk 2010

July 17, 2010


I love this event, and over the years it has truly grown to become a local’s favorite. Friday July 09th starting at 6pm, Marketplace Whistler began to buzz – within 15 minutes the area was well over 100 strong and the music, food, cocktails and artists were all rhythmically celebrating their long-awaited local artist appreciation night… the opening of Artwalk.

Whistler TV shooting

Mingling together with the tourists, our community of locals was out showing all our artists and artisans how much they are appreciated in Whistler… Did I mention talented as well? The works of so many new artist in the corridor are emerging and some of them we’ve rubbed shoulders with for years – take Susie Cipolla and Matt Walker – out of the blue talent arrives… or was it always deep down within their souls.. Alison Hodson’s art, on display at Pasta Lupino, was tempting you to touch with 3-D mixed media. Thankfully helpful signs reminded you to keep your hands off. – Matt Walker Susie Cipolla Alison Hodson

Pasta Lupino

Did we have enough talent?

From Lions Bay to Lillooet our Sea to Sky corridor is loaded with talent and not just artistic, but musicians too – Stone Soup Marimba – Dr. Dave – Brother Twang. This party went from Marketplace to Function Junction where they took it to the streets with food vendors, live art, street hockey and music…. It was a gorgeous evening of 25 degrees celsius and plenty of water and refreshments at most venues. We served up cheese plates and veggies, fresh fruit, dips, crackers and Pellegrino with lemon twists… I smiled all evening as friends just poured in the door one after another… It was fabulous!

Live Artists

Stone Soup

One artist I have loved for years is Joan Baron who has been inspired to paint through a family of artists. Joan’s incredible work of transcended realism with vibrant blended colors can be viewed at Mountain Galleries in the luxurious Fairmont Chateau Whistler… Joan is an absolute pleasure… don’t miss her work!

 by Joan Baron

Another amazingly talented woman in Whistler is Leanna RathKelly who’s paintings and photography are inspired by her philosophy in life… Leanna is truly a beautiful person…

“My inspirations are real people and real light: I photograph life, and my goal is to invoke an identifiable emotion in all my images. I shoot the way I like to live – with joy, happiness and awareness. I have the same philosophy of photography as I do in my life – show the beauty of living, be nice to people, and enjoy the ride.”

Leanna Rathkelly

I chatted with Vincent and Cheryl Massey two long time locals and good friends who have their own gallery behind their home in Alpine Meadows… Vincent a potter and Cheryl a basket weaver… Vincent’s works of pottery can be found throughout Whistler in local shops and classy restaurants… A real fun couple that are involved with USANA Health and Wealness – Whistler Search and Rescue…

 Chili Thom had two venues Sushi Village and his own gallery in Function Junction . Our very own local charm Ali Milner was set up singing her beautiful music with Van Gruen at The Lift Coffee Co.

44 host galleries this year and 52 regional artists and artisans… too many to see in one night, especially when the after party starts at 9pm in the Westin Hotel at the Firerock Lounge. No worries this incredible event of 7 years goes on until August 31… so be sure to pick up a brochure or go on-line to The Whistler Arts Council.

Please help support our local artists and adorn your home here or where ever home may be with a little piece of Whistler… Most of these artist donate constantly to our local fund-raisers year round and never ask for anything in return…. I know they would appreciate your business and I also believe they certainly deserve it.


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